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Dr Anuya: Medical Director

Friendly excellence in cosmetic medicine and vein treatments

Dr Anuya Deshpande is the force of nature behind the Cosmetic & Veins Clinic. She has been a doctor for 18 years, including 6 years as a GP, 12 years in cosmetic medicine, and 8 years performing veins treatments. In the past decade Anuya has completed post-graduate qualifications in Appearance Medicine, Varicose Vein treatments (Phlebology), Dermatology, Ultrasound, Skin cancer diagnosis and surgery.
While doing that, she also had three children in 5 years.
She attends three or more conferences each year to keep up-to-date with the very latest techniques and technologies so her patients get the best possible results.
She likes to talk about her quest for work-life balance, but secretly thinks she has it about right.

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Sonja: Senior Skin Therapist

We want to pamper you

When she held clinics at Porcelain Skin in Papamoa, Dr Anuya loved getting treatments from Sonja Saunders, who has the same passion for her craft as Anuya, and the same drive to get great results for her clients. When the opportunity arose to give Cosmetic & Veins Clinic patients some extra pampering Sonja was the perfect skilled, experienced and friendly senior skin therapist to have on the team.
She loves eating Tim Tams and dreams of one day climbing Mt Maunganui again.

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There are two decades of continuous medical training and experience in the Cosmetic & Veins Clinic, in the form of the clinic’s owner and medical director Dr Anuya Deshpande. Anuya has a keen eye for aesthetics. She puts people at ease and gets to the heart of their issues and aspirations.

Dr Anuya studied medicine at Manchester University in the UK, and did her undergraduate electives at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. She returned to the UK and worked as a GP in Blackpool, Manchester and London. Seeing it as a way to indulge twin passions of medicine and art, she embarked on cosmetic medicine training in the UK.
Oppressed by the weather, she came to New Zealand in 2006 to work as a GP locum in Gisborne.
She married a large Kiwi man, and between 2011 and 2016 they had three children. In 2008 Anuya founded Skin Deep, a cosmetic medicine clinic which quickly expanded as her reputation spread as a friendly thorough doctor who gets results for her patients.
Driven to constantly improve services to her patients she gained qualifications and experience in cosmetic medicine, phlebology (varicose vein treatment), dermatology and skin cancer medicine.

After 12 years in Gisborne, she and husband Marty moved to the Bay of Plenty.
As a doctor, Anuya loves solving problems that may have bothered people for a long time, and as a woman she knows how looking good helps her patients to feel great.
She is committed to ongoing training and takes a collegial approach to her work with other doctors’ patients, keeping them updated on any treatment she provides their patients to ensure seamless medical care.
She has a great network of top medical professionals to consult with.



  • MBcHB (Manchester) 2001
  • Dip NZSCM (NZ) 2011 Diploma New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine
  • FRNZCGP (NZ) 2013 Fellow New Zealand College of General Practitioners
  • Dip Microsclerotherapy (Australia) 2013 Australasian College of Phlebology
  • Dip Practical Dermatology (Cardiff) 2014
  • Cert Ultrasound in Phlebology (Australia) 2015
  • Dip Procedural Phlebology (Australia) 2015
  • Cert Skin Cancer Medicine (Australia) 2017
  • Cert in Dermoscopy (Australia) 2017
  • Cert in Advanced Skin Cancer Surgery (Australia) 2018

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